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Publication of Merit list on PMEGP-2012-13 of Regional Industries Center, Dhenkanal

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The  District Industries Centre, Dhenkanal has started functioning  with effect from 01.08.1978 with the jurisdiction of undivided Dhenkanal district. After bifurcation of Angul District, the jurisdiction of DIC Dhenkanal was both Dhenkanal and Angul District till 31.12.1999. In Angul District  a full-fledged  DIC was opened with effect from 01.01.2000. As such the jurisdiction of DIC Dhenkanal is restricted to Dhenkanal District only. The DIC Dhenkanal is functioning in its own building at Mahisapat since the year 1994 with a patch of land measuring Ac 1.19 decimals.

DIC is functioning in the District  for promotion of  Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises and Handicrafts & Cottage Industries. 


                  ENTERPRISE IN THE DISTRICT. 

-               Micro Small & Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act-2006 of Govt. of India effected from 2.10.06 and in force. 

-               Enterprises are two  categories.

a)      Manufacturing enterprises.

b)      Servicing enterprises.                        

             i) Micro- Plant & m/c up to 25 Lakhs  Equipments up to 10.00 Lakhs              

            ii) Small-    25.00 lakhs to 5 Crores.         Rs.10.00 Lakhs to 2.00 Crores.             

            iii) Medium-  5.00 Crores to 10 Crores.            Rs. 2 Crores to 5 Crores.

            FOR SETTING UP OF ENTERPRISES;                        

                        DIC guides entrepreneurs in selecting preparation of Project Profile.

-             Entrepreneur Memorandum to be filled with D.I.C by the  entrepreneurs.

-             E.M. Part-I before starting Investment by them.

-             E.M. Part-II after starting commercial production by them.

-              Filing of memorandum is mandatory in case of Medium manufacturing units.

-              Entrepreneurs Memorandum forms are available at DIC or IPOs at Block levels.

-              DIC issues acknowledgement of the Entrepreneur Memorandum to the entrepreneurs.

-            No fees are charges for filing entrepreneurs Memorandum & issue          of Acknowledgement.

-            DIC to recommend for land/shed/loan proposal/power supply etc.

-           For speedy issue of clearance , there is Single Window Clearance

                    Authority at Dist. Level under the Chairmanship of Collector as per Odisha Industries (facilitation) Act-2004 & Rules-2005, where in certain fees are fixed by Govt.

-            DIC is the NODAL Agency for operation of Dist. Single Window scheme in the District.

-             DIC is to forward the complete applications to the concerned Department within 3 days of receipt of application for issue of  necessary clearances within stipulated time prescribed in the Rule.

-           As per IPR -2007 effective from 2.3.07 Industries are getting various incentives like Interest Subsidy, E.D exemption, Stamp Duty ,Vat reimbursement/quality certification/Technical Know how fees reimbursement etc.

-          DIC promotes Ancillary & Down Stream Industries, Cluster development programme of ancillary & down stream Industries.

-          DIC deals as a  Nodal Agency for the Large Scale Industries of the district.

-          DIC promote industries through Prime Ministerís Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) from 2008-09 as per the guide lines  of Ministry of MSME Govt. of India.


1.       Cashew  processing

2.       Fly ash bricks

3.       Chrome ore beneficiation

4.       PVC pipes

5.       Hatchery

6.       Cattle/poultry feed manufacturing.

7.       Computer data processing

8.       Aluminum utensils /circles

9.       Ground nut decortications

10.  Spices grinding

11.  Oil mill (Refined)

12.  Rice Mill

13.  Roller floor mill

14.  Heater/stabilizer assembling

15.  Detergent washing soap

16.  Mechanised biscuits

17.  Coal tar

18.  Hard pitch

19.  Off set printing press

20.  Phenyle

21.  Chlorinated paraffin wax

22.  Tyre retrading

23.  Polythin bags

24.  Plastic disposable cup

25.  Sof wire development

26.  Corrugated card  Board  boxes

27.  Ice slab

28.  Hossiary garments

29.  Mineral water

30.  Fabrication

31.  Cement products

32.  Cold storage

33.  Ayurvedic medicines

34.  Homeopathic medicines

35.  Grease

36.  Transformer repairing

37.  Plastic moulded goods

38.  Hydrated lime

39.  RCC spun pipe

40.  Steel rerolling mill

41.  Granite polishing

42.  Cotton waste processing

43.  Stone crusher

44.  K.B.Bricks

45.  Marble cutting & polishing

46.  Truck/Tractor body building

47.  Automobile storage battery

48.  Modernise   dal mill

49.  Bleaching powder

50.  Sizing of cotton yarn

51.  Paper cones

52.  Servicing of light & heavy vehicles

53.  Ferro cement roofing panel, water tank, concrete  block, well ring,

54.  Re-winding of motor, Repairing of Air cooler, Refrigerator,& other house hold appliances

55.  Potacium dichromate & sodium solphate

56.  Automobile Engg. repairing work shop

57.  Power loom

58.  Electrical panel  board,switch board & Tube light  fittings

59.  Readymade garments (Export oriented)

60.  Exercise book manufacturing.