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Objectives of the Sports Wing:

The Objectives of the sports wing are:

i)                   To provide sports consciousness far and wide in the State.

ii)                   To spot the talents and catch them young from the grass – root level.

iii)                 To mature the talents through intensive coaching and competitions.

iv)                 To provide them adequate incentives and initiatives.

v)                  To create scopes and facilities for sports& games .

vi)                 To provide organizational support for sport acftivities and

vii)               To Co- Ordinate State level activities and esatb linkage with the National level Organisations.


Objectives of Youth Services

i)                   To provide young persons encouragement and support for their activities participation.

ii)                 To seek ways and means for training youth for self employment.

iii)               To provide opportunities to the youth for economic and social development.

iv)               To provide opportunity for taking part in development programmes.

v)                 To promote sheet other programmes for building character of the youth.


S.P.D.A.Centres at Dhenkanal:

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The S.P.D.A. Centre is centrally sponsored scheme.The total estimated cost of the project is Rs.1.00 Crores which is shared by the State and Central Govt. on 50/50 basis.The scheme contemplates creation of the following physical facilities.

i)                   400 mts cinder track with hockey & football fields.

ii)                 Construction of gallery to provide seating capacity for at least 4000 persons.

iii)               Volley ball court.

iv)               Basket ball court.

v)                 Kho-Kho and Kabaddi grounds.

vi)               Gymnasium cum Indoor hall for accommodating a Multigym, practicing weight lifting.


Sports Competitions:

National Sports Talent Contest:

NSTC scheme has ben introduced in 1985 by Sports Authority if India with an objective to :

1.     To popularize sports among the masses.

2.     Catch them young at the grass root level .

3.     Nurture them them for excellence.

The scheme has been adopted by the State Govt. in collaboration with SAI.



1.     The talents within the age group of 9-12 are to be spitted.

2.     They must be students reading in class VII and below.




Sections are conducted in all major disciplines , such as :- Athletics, Basket ball, Badminton , Gymnastics, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Swimming and Wrestling through a series of prescribed motar quality test.

                 The sections are conducted at the block level ,district level, and finally at the state level. The out standing talents evaluated on the basis of points scored on the various tests.



1.     A monthly stipend of Rs. 1200/- per student .

2.     Free lodging .

3.     Sports gears.

4.     Medical and traveling allowances.

5.     Regular coaching round the year.


Other Major sports competitions :

1.     Rural sports competitions:

2.     The scheme was launched in the year 1970-71 with the twin objectives of involving a major segment of our Rural youth in the main stream of State sports activities and to spot and nurture them. The programme consists of tournaments for rural youth at the block, district , State level and finally they are sent to National level Tournaments.


Women sports:

The sports championship for women started from 1975, the Inter Nationa  Women’s Year. This programme has gained momentum gradually in the nook and corner of the State.


Special Area Games:

The scheme adopted for promotion of the sports in special areas aims at tapping mutual talents from tibal, hilly and coastal areas.


Adventure Sports:

We take up adventure sports like Mountaineering , Tracking, Cycling etc. Mini Marathan Mass Races to create awareness of sports among the masses.


Incentives and Initiatives:


1.     Sports Scholarships to 600 school and college students.

2.     Felicitation to outstanding sports persons.

3.     Best sports person’s of the year award.

4.     Services reservation.


1.     Training the trainers programme for U.P & M.E. School teachers for inculcation of sports and physical education level.

2.     Conduct the Refreshers Course.

3.     Sponsor P.E.T.s for refresher courses to NS.NIS.


Financial assistance given for different purposes:

          Pension and Financial assistance indigent sports persons.


Sports Veterans of Dhenkanal:

1.     Brg. K.P.Singh Deo: Represented in Football, Cricket in State level .water sports in National level.

2.     Sri Shiv Singh: Represented South Asia Federation Games (SAF) in Athletics Track and Field and secured Gold in 400mts.

3.     Sri Deba Prasad Singh: Represented State number of times for Santosh Trophy. Represented India Team in Foot ball.

4.     Sri Rajendra Prasad Singh: Represented India in Football in 2000-01 Regular player of Mohanbagan Football Team.

5.     Sri Suparno Satpathy : Participated in  Delhi Shree Best Physique  competition  in 1990 Org. by  Indian Youth Club  New Delhi in 75 Kg Category  and secured 1st position . Secured 1st position in  3rd Haryana State Body Building Championship Senior) in 70Kg Category in the  year 1990.