Science Centre,Dhenkanal






Dhenkanal Science Centre is open everyday except Monday


11.30 AM to 7.00 AM


Dhenkanal Science Centre,

Near RajBati ,

Dhenkanal-759001 ,  

Phone -06762-224155





Dhenkanal Science Center, situated on a hill top with its elegant building and science park, over viewing the town is a major visitors’ attraction in the district.You can spend the whole day along with your family playing with science. Here you can have fun with mirrors, play musical instruments or complete with a human skeleton while riding a bicycle. Here hot air balloon moves up, rolling balls perform acrobatics and parabolic reflectors carry your whisper to a long distance. You can observe how day paves the way for the night and the seasons change

          .......              Mirror Effects









Watch the chicks hatching out of the eggs, the lizards compunflages in the nature, birds in their habitats and the life system in an eco pool. Science in this Centre is fun all around. And Dhenkanal is now having a planetarium installed in this Centre



The Center organizes TTP (Teachers’ Training Programmes), science seminars, science quiz etc for school children as well as teachers. A mobile Science Exhibition bus carries messages of science to the doorstep of common people throughout Dhenkanal and adjacent districts. Science film shows, temporary exhibitions, science library, popular lectures all make your visit a really delightful experience






Kapilas Science Park, sprawling over 5 acres of lush green landscape adjacent to Kapilas Zoo is a unique concept in science education. It contains an array of participatory exhibits and also has environmental and ecological corners with botanical specimens, live animals and birds.