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The headquarters town of the district, Dhenkanal is ideally located on National Highway No. 55 connecting Cuttack with Sambalpur. It is commonly believed that the town is named after a ‘Savar Chief’ called ‘Dhenka’, who was in possession of a compact area around the present township. The town is clustered with the pinnacles of several temples dedicated to different deities of Hindu pantheon. Notable among them are the temples of Balabhadra, Sambhugopal, Raghunath and Kunajakanta Krishna

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The unique collection of the District Museum here are traditional weapons of the ex-rulers of Dhenkanal and tools of the Paleolithic period.


Air – The nearest airport for approaching the places of interest in the district of Dhenkanal is at Bhubaneswar (99 km.) which is connected with Bew Deklgum Culcutta, Chennai, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and Nagpur by boeing flights.

Rail – Dhenkanal Railway Station on S.E. Railway.

Road – 99 km. From Bhubaneswar on N.H. No. 55 Regular bus services connect Dhenkanal with Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri, Rourkela, Sambalpur, Raipur etc.




Name of the Establishment

Reservation Authority

Circuit House

Collector, Dhenkanal

Inspection Bungalow(PWD)

Executive Engineer(R&B),Dhenkanal

Inspection Bungalow (NH)

Executive Engineer(NH), Dhenkanal

Zill Parisad Bungalow

A.D.M. Dhenkanal



Hotel Sakuntala, Dakshinakali Road.

Manager, Hotel Sakuntala

Hotel Surya,Jagannath Road

Manager, Hotel Surya

Shrikrishna Lodging, Ganesh Bazar

Manager, Shrikrishna Lodging

Hotel Debakanya , Near LIC Office Manager
Sai Funny Guest House , Mahabir Bazar Manager




                   The loftiest peak of Kapilash range enshrines the temple of Lord Shiva Chandrasekhar at height of about 457 meters. The place is identified with ‘Kailash’, the legendary abode of Lord Shiva. A flight of 1,351 steps and also a ghat road lead to the temple. Thousands of devout souls throng to Kapilash on the occasion of ‘Mahasivaratri’, the night consecrated to Lord Shiva in the month of February-March. To the east of the main temple at a higher altitude stands the temple of Narayan and Viswanath.

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          The hill has several caves as well as the ruins of a mediaeval fort which are regularly visited by pilgrims. Some of the caves are associated with the Pauranic episodes that have great appeal to the visitors. The great names of Shridhar Swami, the celebrated commentator of the Bhagabat and Mahima Gosain, the founder of Mahima Cult, are historically associated with the place. Besides, the Deer Park and Science Park are two other added attractions of the place.


          Rail – Dhenkanal Railway Station

          Road – 26 km. From Dhenkanal, regular bus services are available.


Name of the Establishment

Reservation Authority


Panthasala, (Dept. Of Tourism)

Tourist Officer, Dhenkanal,



Asst. Tourist officer, Kapilash


Inspection Bungalow (PWD)

Executive  Engineer(R&B), Dhenkanal


Dharmasala (Choultry)

Caretaker, Kapilash Temple





Famous as the religious headquarters of ‘Mahima Dharma’, Joranda houses the samadhi of  Mahima Gosain, the preacherpropounder of the Mahima Cult, The other sacred temples are the ‘Sunya Mandira’, ‘Dhuni Mandira’ and ‘Gadi Mandira’ Pilgrims in large numbers pour forth to Joranda fair held on full-moon day of Magha which falls in January-February every year.

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Rail – Dhenkanal Railway Station.

Road – 24 km. From Dhenkanal, regular bus services operate between Dhenkanal and Joranda.


Name of the Establishment

Reservation Authority

Revenue Rest Shed, Natima.

        Sub-Collector, Dhenkanal,


        Secretary, Mahima Samaj. Joranda.






          A place of scenic beauty, Saptasahya is situated at a distance of about 11 km. To the south of Dhenkanal town. According to legend ‘Pandavas’ spent some days of their incognito life (Agnuata vasa) in these hills. The temple of Rafhunath built in honour of Lord Rama, Laxaman and Sita by Rani Ratnaprava Devi of Dhenkanal attracts large crowd every year on Ramanavami day in the month of March-April. A small spring flowing close by enhances the beauty of the place. It is an ideal place for picnic and relavation.


          72 km. From Dhenkanal, 45 km from Angul and 25 km. From Talcher town, Kualo is famous for housing a plethora of temples dedicated to Lord Kanakeswar, Baidyanath, Paschimeswar, Balunkeswar and Kapileswar. In its ruined form, the temple of Kanakeswar is about 24 meters High and preserves some of the earliest specimens of sculptures representing temple building activities in Odisha.


          40 km. From Dhenkanal town, Ladagada is a place of religious importance. A piece of stone known as Lord Siddheswar is worshipped here with great reverence. The banyan tree which gives shelter to the Lord is known as Kalpabruksha.


          67 km. From Dhenkanal,23 Km. From Angul and 3 km. From Talcher one finds the Anantasyi image of Lord Vishnu on the rocky bed of the river Brahmani at Saranga. The hoods of Ananta, the serpent king spread over the head of Lord Vishnu as the crown and cover. The primal lotus ,housing Brahma, the creator ,originates from Vishnu’s naval, the supreme being enjoys deep delight of his cosmic sleep in the water of the river Brahmani.


          67 km. From Dhenkanal and 30 km. From Kamakshyanagar, Dandadhar is the site of an irrigation project on the river Ramial- an ideal place for outing. Blue expense of sparkling water caged in sun-bathed valley is a  thrill to the searching eyes.