The  peak of Kapilas, otherwise known as Kailash of Odisha enchrines the Temple of Lord Chandra Sekhar at a height of 457 mts. which is a legendary abode of Lord Siva. One can climb 1352 steps or can drive up through the “Twelve twisting way” to have a Darshan. Maha Sivaratri is the greatest festival at Kapilas. The Temple of Narayan, Biswanath, Bhubaneswari & many maths can be worth visiting. Desides that, Kendupania cave, Debasava & the cementry of Sridhar Swami are also attractive spots. Mahima Gosain the founder of Mahima Dharma is historically associated with the place. Deer Park, Science Park also add to the attraction to the place.


Rail – Dhenkanal Railway Station.

Road – 26 Km. From Dhenkanal, regular bus services are available apart from hired taxies.

Kapilash temple

 Deer Park at Kapilash                            Boating at Kapilash



Steps of Kapilash  temple

















             Ghat Roads  to Kapilash                                                                          A Scenic view of Kapilash Hills                                                                                                           

















Zoo- Deer Park. Kapilash


          Picturesquely carved out of the Deer Park is a Biological Park where animals are kept in their natural habitat. A centrally located lake divides the Zoo from the Botanical Garden, Majestic Deers, Kingly Bears, Crawned Pecocks, Indian Python, King Cobra, etc. are among the greatest attraction of the Zoo. The exotic Botanical Garden on the other side of the Zoo preserves varieties of indigenous plants. Regular bus services are available to reach the place.


          There is a lake with appealing beauty & with aquatic flora & fauna is found located in the Kapilash Zoo-Park. Prospect of boating and site seeing is a pleasure.


Datatreya Sai Ashram.

          The greatest attraction of Dhenkanal are its Ashrams  whose distinctive architecture  has evolved over centuries, along with their religious significance. The Ashrams are also a great historical and cultural windows. The sculptures show not only mythological and legends but also scenes from daily life centuries ago. However, to really understand and enjoy the Ashrams and not get  bored  a  good guide is essential. Dattatriya Ashrama is an Temple of Siridi Sai Baba Located at Biradia 15 Km. from the Dhenkanal Town.

For more information about Shri Dattatreya Sai Ashram Visit http://www.dattatreyasaiashram.org