District Social Welfare Office



The women and child Development and Mission shakti Department has been working for the overall development of children and women through a host of specially designated scheme and programmes.

The Department has an elaborate field formation with the District Social Welfare Officer (DSWO) and ADSWO to assist the Collector in the District. In Dhenkanal the ICDS Projramme is being implemented in all 8 blocks. Each ICDS Project is headed by a Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) and the project is further divided into sectors. Each sector is headed by a lady supervisor, who oversees the work of 20-25 Anganwadi centres (AWC) functioning at the village level.

Table I- Showing the project wise staff position as on Feb’2018.

project wise staff position as on Feb’2018.
Sl. No Category of post Post sanctioned Staff in Position Vacancy
1 CDPO 8 7 1
2 Lady Supervisor 84 62 22
3 Anganwadi worker 2200 2184 16
4 Anganwadi helper 1873 1859 14

No of A.W.Cs sanctioned and operationalised & present position of AWW, AWH are given below.

Sanction and operationlised of AWCs
Sl No. Name of the Project No of AWC Sanctioned No of AWC operational Total no of AWWs in position Total no of AWHs in position
1 Kankadahad 209 209 205 157
2 Kamakhyanagar 247 247 246 187
3 Parjang 202 202 201 167
4 Bhuban 270 270 268 250
5 Hindol 423 423 423 366
6 Dhenkanal 281 281 278 237
7 Odapada 298 298 295 266
8 Gondia 270 270 268 229
Total 2200 2200 2184 1859

Objectives of the ICDS Scheme:-

  1. To improve the nutritional status and health status of children below the age of six years, pregnant and lactating mothers.
  2. To lay the foundation for the proper psychological, physical and social development of the child.
  3. To reduce the incidence of mortality, morbidity, malnutrition and school drop out.
  4. To achieve the effective co-ordination of policy and implementation among various departments to promote child development.
  5. To enhance to capability of the mother to look after the normal health and nutritional needs of the child through proper health and nutrition education.

The flagship programme of the Department is the Integrated child Development service (ICDS) scheme through which a package of six services are provided to children up to 6 years of age, pregnant women and Nursing mothers to achieve the noble objectives of the ICDS.

Services of ICDS

1. Supplementary Nutrition Programme
With a view to improving the health and nutritional status of children in the age group of 6 months to 6 years pregnant woman and lactating mothers, the supplementary nutrition programme (SNP) has been included as one of the most important component of the ICDS programme. Feeding is given for 25 days in a month. Hot cook feeding at the AWC level is being provided to the preschool children (3 to 6 years) along with morning snacks as per prescribed menu. Take Home Ration interms of chhatua is being provided to the children within a age group 6 months to 3 years and pregnant woman and nourishing mothers. 22 nos of WSHGs have been selected for preparation and distribution of chhatua in different ICDS Projects. Procurement of food stuffs for hot cooked meal is being made by Jaanch Committee in all AWC level except rice. Cooking cost is being released to the joint account of ward members and AWWs for this purpose.
Ration Cost

As per the letter no. 21280 Dt.7.12.2017 of W & CD and Mission shakti Department the ration cost has been revised from dt. 6.10. 2017.

Table- 2 –

Revised ration cost per beneficiary per day under SNP

Category of beneficiaries Cost

i) Normal children (6 months to 6 years) 8.00
ii)Pregnant and lacting mother – 9.00
iii)Severely underweight children (6 months to 6 years) 12.00

Table- 3- Weekly schedule of morning snacks and hot cook meals for 3 to 6 years children

Weekly schedule of morning snacks and hot cook meals for 3 to 6 years children
DAY Morning Snacks Hot cook meal
Monday Sprouted moong Bhata, dalma
Tuesday Chuda ladoo soyabady curry
Wednesday Chuda ladoo Bhata, egg curry
Thursday Sprouted moong Bhata, dalma
Firday Chuda ladoo egg curry
Saturday Chuda ladoo Bhata, egg curry

Table- 4 –

Revised average per day nutritional supplement for the beneficiaries under hot cook meal w.e.f 1.07.13

Day Calories Protein
Average per day 555.32 15.94

Table- 5 –

Revised Nutritional supplement and consumption of quantity for the beneficiary under THR

Type Net Amount in 15 days colour coded packets with 15% loss Colour
6 month to 3 years 2 Kg – 1.700 gm Sky blue

PW/ NM 2.5Kg. – 2.125 gm Yellow
Severely under weight 3 Kg – 2.550 gm. Red

Table- 6 –

The details of beneficiaries under SNP is given below

Category of beneficiaries Total Nos.
Pregnant women 9835
Nursing mothers 9880
6 months to 3 years children 45367
3 years to 6 years children 44634
Total No of beneficiaries 109716

The decentralized procurement aims at smooth implementation of the feeding programme and ensure effective delivery of services.


ICDS Programme focuses on the preschool education of children between 3 to 6 years of age to promote preschool preparedness for children below 6 years of age. There is a provision of funds for procurement of PSE Kit materials at the AWC level, supply of work book I & II and funds for supply of 2 pairs of uniform dress to each preschool child in every year. Procurement planning is being done by the members of Jannch Committee set up at the AWC level. The fund for this purpose is released to the joint account of AWW and Ward members/ counciler through e- transfer.

Table- 7

Pre school Education (Report as on Feb’2018)
SL.No Name of the ICDS Project Total Enrolment Total Attendance
1 Sadar 8021 6585
2 Gondia 7460 6581
3 Odapada 6384 5217
4 Hindol 8626 7815
5 Kamakhyanagar 5177 4317
6 Kankadahad 4949 4929
7 Bhuban 4486 4486
8 Parjang 4738 4725

Table- 8

Nutritional status of the children (0-5 years)
Sl No. Name of the Project Nos of Sector  Total No. of Children 0 to 5 years No of Children Weighed % Normal % Underweight % Severely underweight %
1 Sadar 10 13967 13948 100 13224 94.81 688 4.93 36 0.26
2 Gondia 8 13914 13282 95 11882 89.46 1367 10.29 33 0.25
3 Odapada 11  11110  11042 99 10599 95.99 438 3.97 5 0.05
4 Hindol 16  14515  14469 100 12561 86.81 1887 13.04 21 0.15
5 Parjang 10  10385  10358 100 9567 92.36 781 7.54 10 0.10
6 Kankadahad 8  11271  11097 98 10506 94.67 571 5.15 20 0.18
7 Kamakhyanagar 9  10737   10737 100 9979 92.94 750 6.99 8 0.07
8 Bhuban 12 10510  10487 100 9919 94.58 558 5.32 10 0.10
84  96409   95420 99 88237 92.47 7040 7.38 143 0.15

3. Health Check up

It includes (i) ante- natal care of pregnant women (ii) Post natal care of nursing mothers and care of the new born (iii) Care of children less than six years of age. Various health services provided to children and mothers by the AWW and health staff includes regular health check ups , weight and MUAC measurement of children under 5 years of age, management of malnutrition, treatment of minor ailments, de worming and distribution of medicines during MAMATA diwas ( VHND Session). These days are organised once in a month in every AWC fixed day basis (Tuesdays and Friday) with joint effort of ANM, AWW and ASHA.

Table- 9 (Report as on Feb’2018)

Total No. of VHND Planned –
Month Health check up Children( 0-3) Children (3-6)
Pregnant Nursing
Feb’18 7766 7987 37419 34335

4. Referal Services –
During health check ups in VHND and growth monitoring, the identified sick, SAM/ severely under weight children in need of prompt medical attention are referred for better medical treatment. The effectiveness of this service depends on timely action, co-operation from health functionaries and the willingness of families to avail of these services. Normally the medicines are being provided to the referred cases free of cost under NIRAMAY Yojana.

5. Immunisation –
The PHC and its subordinate health infrastructure carry out immunisation of infants and expectant mothers as per the national immunisation schedule. The AWW assists the health functionaries for immunisation of the targeted beneficiaries she helps in the organisation of fixed-day immunisation session ( Wednesday) and maintains the immunisation records of ICDS beneficiaries and ensure full coverage.

6. Nutrition and Health Education
Nutrition and health education (NHED) is a key elements of ICDS. All women in the age group of 15-54 years are covered by this component so that they can look after their own health, nutrition and development needs as well as those of their children and families. NHED comprise information on basic health, nutrition, child care and development, IYCF practices, utilization of health services, family planning and environmental sanitation. This is imparted through counselling session during home visit and on VHND/ FID Session and on the occasions when there is gathering of women in mother’s meeting etc in the area.

Table- 10
Information on NHED for the month of Feb’2018-03-26

No of NHED activities organized No of women participated No. of health staff participated
1498 40633 753

Uniforms to Anganwadi workers/ Anganwadi Sahayika
AWW, AWS and mini AWWs are provided with two uniforms @ Rs. 495/- per year.

MAMATA is a conditional cash transfer maternity benefit scheme. Mamata scheme has been launched from 5th Sept’2011.
To provide financial assistance to the pregnant and lactating women of 19 years of agae and aboe for the first two live birth exvept all Govt/ public sector under taking employees and their wives.
The beneficiary will get a total incentive of Rs. 5000/- in two instalments i,e 1st instalment after 6 months completion of pregnancy Rs. 3000/- and 2nd instalment after completion of 10 months of child – Rs. 2000/- subject to fulfilment of specific conditions. Payment will be made by e- transfer from CDPO to the beneficiary account.
The benefit is provided as partial wage compensation for pregnant and nursing mothers so that they are able rest adequately during pregnancy and after delivery.
. To improve mother and child care practices especially exclusive breast feeding and complementary feeding.
. To avail the benefits under this scheme, a pregnant woman has to register herself at the AWC/ Mini AWC to which she belongs. She has to submit her bank account details with a bank of her choice with core banking facility to the AWW who shall record it correctly.

No of beneficiary benefited under MAMATA Scheme.
As per old guideline @ Rs. 5000/- in 4 instalments.
1st- 83517
2nd- 82834
3rd- 79117
4th- 76362

As per new guideline –
1st instalment @ Rs. 3000/– 14876
2nd instalment not given till Feb- 2018

1. Mission Shakti

Empowerment of women is one of the key development initiatives identified by the Govt. of Odisha. It is well- known that economic empowerment of women signification contributes to their social empowerment. Promotion of women self help groups have therefore been adopted as a key Strategy for achieving women’s empowerment. A mission approach has been adopted for this purpose through launching of ‘Mission Shakti’.

Table- 12
Formation of WSHG in Dhenkanal District

Formation of WSHG in Dhenkanal District
SL.NO Name of the ICDS Project Existing women SHG Newly formed women SHG Since 1.4.2017
1 Sadar 1886 1120
2 Gondia 2410 875
3 Odapada 1658 1125
4 Hindol 1619 1525
5 Kamakhyanagar 1123 870
6 Kankadahad 974 694
7 Bhuban 1293 1063
8 Parjang 1330 763
Total 12293 8035

Table- 13
Micro credit support Drudgery reduction and revitalisation
Year Total no.of groups provided with microcredit support Total no of groups provided drodgery reduction support Total no of group provided with revitalisation
2004-05 to 2012-13 9810 0 0
2013-14 to 2014-15 0 3539 0
2015-16 to 2016-17 0 0 42832. Protection of Women from domestic violence
Domestic violence is one of the alarming issues and is in need of an urgent response from all the sphere of society. The domestic violence are 2005 is basically meant to provide protection to the wife of a family live in partner in violence at the hands of husband on male live-in- partner or his relatives.
For implementation of the art the state Govt. has appointed one protection officer in the District.3. Implementation of sexual harassment of women at work place.
(Prevention/ prohibition and redressal)Act- 2013
The State has taken measures for implementation of this Act. All Dist. Collectors have been declared as District Officer. CDPOs are declared as Block Nodal Officer by the Collector. All Govt. officials and non- Govt. officers are requested to constitute internal complain committee at their level having 10 and more office staff.4. Rehabitation of Women in Distress
To provide shelter, food, clothing, care and protection to the marginalized women in distress who are without any social and economic support two SWADHAR grih and DKL Ujjawalla home are available in Dhenkanal District which are run by NGOs.Table- 14
The name of the SWADHAR greh and Ujjawala home
Name of NGO Place of SWADHAR/ Ujjawala home Sanctioned strength Contact No.
Mahrshi Dayananda Service Mission, Dhenkanal Swadhar Ghar, At/po- Joranda 50 9437528709
NYSASDRI Swadhar Greh, At/Po- Santhasara, Dhenkanal 32 8327794175
Arun Institute of Rural Affairs (AIRA) Ujjawala home, At- Shyamacharanpur, Po- Dhenkanal 43 9938582607