Dhenkanal District mainly depends on agriculture for its economy. Forests products from the District play an important role in the economy. The principal forest products like Timber, Bamboo, Fire wood and Kendu leaf are found here. There are also some minor forest products like Lac, Honey, Kenduli gum, Wax, Mahua flower, Sunari fark, Siali leaves, Catechus, Tassar cocoons and other raw materials used for medicine.The raw materials derived from agriculture, forest and minerals help to accentuate the economic development in Dhenkanal District. Dhenkanal is well connected with the effective road network supported by National Highways, viz. NH- 55 (formerly NH- 42), NH- 53 (formerly NH- 200) and railway line to other commercial centers of the state, hence this good connectivity serves to the Economy prosperity of the District. In the later phase of the Economic development, the Government had implemented the scheme of Prime Minister Rojgar yojna in the financial year of 1993- 94 in the urban areas and from 1994- 95 both in the rural and the urban areas to provide self employment to the educated unemployed youth.